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What cat breeds have very long tufted ears?




We are adopting a 5 month old black and white long hair kitten from the shelter. He has really long tufts of hair coming out of his ears, like 4 inches long. I have never seen anything like it. I realize he is a mix breed, but what could he be mixed with to have these ears? He doesn’t seem big for his age, and he seems very indifferent and calm. You can see his photo here.


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Answer by or1088
Probably just a standard DLH with some crazy ear hair :)

Answer by Sue C
What a lovely boy! He could be part Norwegian Forest cat or Siberian or just a long-haired mixed breed with long ear tufts. To see pictures:




Answer by Kind
It too me a few hard attempts but I really think your cat is part Norwegian Forest. Young cat, could end up being pure breed from the looks. Possible but not 100% sure. Beauty of a cat.


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What a sweet-looking kitty! Based on all that fluff and puff, there’s a few possible candidates for his background. The ones I can think of automatically — Persian, Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon and Turkish Van. Norwegian Forest and Maine Coons are both known for their laid-back temperaments as well. Size is not necessarily an indicator for breed; your vet may have some ideas as well. Lucky him to find a good home!

Answers Answered By: mmechalice [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

Those aren’t “tufted ears”. Ear tufts are on the TIPS of the ears not inside them. What you’re seeing there is what’s called “ear furnishings” and long ear furnishings are not particular to any breed of cat. Cats with longer fur just tend to have longer ear furnishings as well. He doesn’t look like any particular breed – just like over 97% of the cats on this planet.

VERY pretty kitty!!! He’d be a great candidate to show as a Household Pet at TICA shows!

And FYI – you don’t get cats that are “part Norwegian Forest Cat” or “part Siberian” like others are tossing out. Those are quite rare breeds and very expensive breeds and owners of unaltered cats of those breeds do not cross them with domestic cats.

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