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What is the best cat food at a reasonable price?




WE have two large adult cats and we usually feed them 1/2-1 can of wet food each day and give them a bit of dry food when they ask. they are eating more and more though and I was wondering if maybe it’s there food? We give them Friskies wet food and whatever is on sale for dry. What is the best food for cats thats a reasonable price?

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Answer by I Like Waffles
I give my cat friskies. Its the cheapest and most affordable.

Answer by Ima Wiener
buy yourself a .22 and shoot some squirals.

Answer by twn
I give my cat special kitty. You can get it at walmart. A four pack cost $ 1.33 .

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If you are on a budget – Costco! Costco!

Go to Costco and buy Kirkland. I believe I pay about $ 15 for about 20 lbs to 25 lbs and it’s great quality food. Better than what you are going to get at Walmart. Not to mention, you can get a 40 lbs bag of kitty litter while you are there for about $ 12. If you have pets, it’s definitely worth investing $ 50 for a yearly membership.

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Answer #2

You have to recognize that cat food is similar to people food in the “fillers” sense.
Dirt cheap stuff like Purina and IAMS products are loaded with fillers. Corn, soy, wheat, veggies – cats, being carnivores, do not digest these properly, they’re completely unnecessary.
The cats eat more to get the nutrition they need. Things like these are comparable to McDonald’s nutritionally.

More expensive stuff, like Nature’s Variety Instinct, Merrick, Wellness, and Blue Buffalo, are healthier and have more real food and less fillers (grain-free and low in veggie content); In the end, they eat less of it, so that $ 20 bag or those $ 2 cans last a lot longer, and do a lot more for kitty, than the “cheap” bag from Walmart.

If you want really cheap food that’s also healthy, so they’ll eat far less of it, put ‘em on raw. For the average 10-lb cat, it costs $ 1 a day to feed her, and if it’s free of grains and veggies, she’ll get proper nutrition from all of it, so they only need about 3oz a day.

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Answer #3

My mom swears by Purina for all ages of cats; it comes in a blue bag. We have raised the biggest, healthiest cats most people have ever seen, and they love it. Hard food also is good for dental health.

Occasionally, you can add some water to soften the food for a treat for the older cats. Moistening makes it easier for babies to transition from mother’s milk to hard food. Some kittens will tackle hard food because they see older cats eating it. To perk up an appetite occasionally, we find that it helps to actually handle the food; run your fingers through it or, for moistened food, stir it with a finger. We leave bowls out instead of serving them throughout the day; they’re rather good about not “hogging” food, just snacking when they need it. We have only one overweight cat, which sometimes goes with neutering and reaching a certain age; but, the weight generally comes off again. They sleep in the garage, and we always keep food and water there, too, along with three litter boxes.

NOTE: Amazingly, there is no odor, even with multiple cats. Purina Tidy Cat for multiple cats is great~that and scooping two or three times a day. We’ve never had a problem with cats wanting to potty anywhere else.

By the way, our cats refuse to eat canned food. They turn up their noses at all brands and stick with Purina. Their fur is glossy, their eyes are shiny-bright, and most have lived to be in their late teens and even early twenties. We don’t baby them, but the veterinarian once said, “When I die, I want to come back as one of your cats!” *giggle*

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Answer #4

Simple answer:

Grocery store brands of cat food are crap.
However, great brands like Blue Buffalo and Wellness are worth buying because cats eat less of it, and will save you in the long run on veterinary costs!

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Answer #5

You will not find anything worth the price at a grocery store.

With a good quality wet food, most adult cats need one 5.5 ounce can per day with no dry food. If you feed dry food only, about 1/2 cup daily. If you combine the two, 1/2 of a 5.5 ounce can and 1/4 cup dry is all you need. Grocery food is more expensive because you need to feed double the amount of a quality brand.

Try Premium Edge, Diamond Naturals, Chicken Soup, or Taste of the Wild for dry food. They all sell for $ 8-$ 10 for a 5 pound bag. This would last you one month if you fed 1/4 per day per cat.

For wet food, try Chicken Soup or Felidae. The 5.5 ounce Chicken Soup sells for .85 per can and the 12 ounce Felidae sells for $ 1.45 per can. The Chicken Soup would cost you $ 25 a month to feed 1/2 a can per cat per day. The Felidae would cost you $ 22 a month.

So if you fed each cat 1/2 a can of wet and 1/4 cup of dry daily using the Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul brand you would spend $ 35 per month to feed two cats. You would also be saving money by purchasing less cat litter (they don’t poo as much), and spending less at the vet because your cats will be healthier longer.

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Answer #6

If I was you i would just buy Special Kitty from Wal-Mart for about 1-2$

Answers Answered By: jammergirl123 [ Grey Star Level]

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