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What is the best cat litter on the market for odor control in a multi-cat house?




I have 2 cats and have tried all different kinds of cat litter (scoopable, clay, expensive, cheap, etc…) and I find that no matter what I have an odor problem in about 2 days. I also find that my cats are pretty messy about it (they track litter everywhere when they are done). They are both “fixed” but they are both young (less than one year)and don’t seem to want to spend a lot of time being fastidious about their litter habits (are you kidding, that would take away from play time!) Maybe they just need to get a little older and slower. Any advice on quality of litter etc… would be appreciated!

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Answer by PsychProf
Well I like Tidy Cats, and they make a multi-cat formula and a “tight space” formula that is supposed to better control odors (haven’t used that version before myself). I think that it controls odors well and clumps tightly.

We put a carpet scrap under the litter box that extends out about six inches from the front of the box. That seems to catch some of the litter kicked out when they go in and out.

You do need to scoop the box every day, though to really control odor. Do you have a covered litter box? I think that they work better in terms of odor control and keeping the litter in the box. Wal-Mart has some nice covered boxes that aren’t too expensive. Tidy Cats makes a nice covered cat box as well.

I do think that the cats get a little better about things as they get older….

Hope this helps!

Answer by Karen
Tidy Cat is a good brand, but there are different types of Tidy-Cat. I use the Tidy-Cat mixed with Crystals. I have found that it does help more so than anything else that I have tried. I scoop it out into those cheap ziplock bags and put it out in the trash probably about 3 times a day due to the fact that I have 5 inside cats. I also use an old towel and stretch it out underneath the litterbox to help control the litter on the floor. Then, about once a week, just take it outside and shake it and put it back underneath the litterbox. This method has worked for me for about 2 years.

Answer by 2 cat owner
I have two cats! They are now older, but I have had them since they were babies. I use Johnny Cat. To reduce odor, no matter which litter you use, you must clean the box out daily. That’s the trick. Sift out soilds and stir the litter so the wet litter can dry. Do it daily and completely change the litter box once a week. A box with higher sides and a cover (helps with odor too) can help contain litter spread. A mat at the opening will also help. That’s it. P.S. Take lots of pictures when they are little. I wish I had taken more – they grow up so fast. :)

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Arm and Hammer Multi plus Tidy cat box deodorizer

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