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I am thinking about getting an American Bulldog/Boxer and am trying to find if they are on banned breeds lists. So far all I can find is info. on pit bulls. Does anyone know if my dog would be banned in Seattle, Kirkland, Redmond or Bellevue?

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Answer by Kristin
No…It probably wouldnt….

Answer by Jennifer
I seriously doubt it… boxers wouldn’t end up on the dangerous dog list.

Answer by Rogue Bullies
I think the pit bulls are #1 on the list because they are a popular breed. I don’t think boxers are banned any where are they? As for AB, there are some places that don’t allow them but I am not to far from the seattle are and I don’ think they have a BSL in that area. A lot of dog shows go on in that area and there are a lot of breeders up there, I might buy a APBT from a lady that lives pretty close to seattle. However I could be wrong. I am sure your breeder would know once you find one. Good luck!

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Below is a link I found with a listing of dogs that will be or are banned.
I think this group is based in WA and that the list is for all banned dogs in various states in the U.S., not necessarily those banned in Washington. You might contact them for specifics.

Also, contact your local County Animal Control office and ask them.

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Answer #2

google BSL in your area.

I always thought Seattle was a dog friendly city.

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naw your good thats like trying to bann mexicans from america itll never happen

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Boxers are banned in some places, as are American Bulldogs though finding out exactly where is whats the hard part. Simplest thing to do would be to just go to City Hall and ask.

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