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Designer Dogs, Where do they come from?




Reputible breeders sell on a spay and neuter contract. They are against these ‘ Designer Breeds ‘ So where do these Designer breed breeders get their foundation stock? If they don’t get them from reputible breeders, cause they would refuse to be part of the mutt thing. Are they starting their foundation with backyard bred, puppymill, petstore foundation stock?

Wouldn’t that make their dogs even more inferior than what we perceive them to be? If 2 breeds bred is bad, then wouldn’t 2 badly bred breeds, bred be a recipe for disaster?

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Answer by Mutt Mommy
You got it right. They get their breeding stock from other BYBs, or pet stores (which mean puppy mills). This means that two PET QUALITY dogs (NOT breeding quality), get bred when neither has any health testing or showing done. This means you get a litter of pups with NO consistency, NO guarantee or an even possible likeliness of no genetic health problems, and NO spay/neuter contracts, which just repeats the cycle over and over again.

Answer by Diane $
I would think that mixture would make one very sickly mutt.

Answer by st.lady37 (GitEm)
Moron, thieves that dont care about the dog only the money they can get from dumb people.

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I don’;t think they think about this at all! It is my opinion is that if one dog doesn’t work out then they simply replace it and keep on breeding. I can see them getting lucky and happening upon a somewhat healthy dog or 2 and then breeding the heck out of them to only repeat the process again.

I seriously doubt they even care about over all health and soundness of the dogs at all. If they did we would not be hearing about liver shunts, bad knees, seizures, serious skin, bad temperaments and other issues.

It is not in their best interest to look for healthy and sound dogs when they them selves would not know one if it came up and bit them in their Jingles bells!

Answers Answered By: ♥Golden gal♥ [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

Yes, they get them from other bad breeders, puppy mills, pet stores, etc. And yes, the added poor breeding of the parents is part of what makes those puppies extra unhealthy.

Answers Answered By: Alyssa [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

You got it!
The dogs producing these designer mutts are not quality examples of their breeds. Therefore, anyone buying a designer mutt is getting a poorly bred mutt that was produced by a long line of poorly bred dogs. Recipe for disaster? ABSOLUTELY! And that “hybrid vigor” BS that gets thrown around to trick potential buyers…. well, anyone that has actually done research has seen the proof… it’s BS. No two ways about it!

Answers Answered By: Dog Addict [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #4

Absolutely, the only way they could get lucky enough to get around a spay/neuter contract is if they purposely “lost contact” with the breeder or any other deviant ways they could think of “she got loose before we could fix her” yea right.

Answers Answered By: Ariana [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #5

Designer breeds are not mutts, to purebred dogs make a purebred dog. They breeders that sell them the dog wouldn’t care because a designer breed is a purebred dog.

Answers Answered By: melanie [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #6

Not all Designer Dog breeders are backyard breeders, not all Designer Dogs come from puppy mills. Granted many Designer Dog’s are from “bad stock” but not all are. Making a statement that they ALL are is predudicial. There are a few breeders that breed Designer Dogs simply to meet the needs of the public. The parents, the puppies are all checked out health-wise and they are very healthy and well-mannered puppies. I am the owner of a Designer Dog; a Bichonpoo. I got her from a breeder that only bred Maltipoos and Bichonpoos. The parents all were health checked and proof shown, my puppy was health checked she came with a one year health guarentee including all vet costs; spaying, shots exams etc. She has a lifetime congenital defect guarentee. I paid considerably less for my dog than I would have paid for a pure breed small breed puppy. A full breed small breed puppy was out of my budget. I didn’t purchase my dog because she was a Designer Dog. I purchased her because she met all the criteria I was looking for in a small breed puppy. I didn’t go into my decision blindly. I first made exhaustive searches of shelters and online to adopt a small breed puppy. No small breed puppies were available only medium to large dogs. As per my landlord I could only have a small breed dog. Esperanza is the greatest dog I have ever owned. She is very healthy, intelligent, well-behaved and smart. We have a bond that couldn’t be closer. I don’t regret for one minute my decision to purchase this dog. I love her not because she is a Designer Dog but because she is the best dog in the world.

Answers Answered By: ESPERANZA [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #7

I think it started from puppy-mills where they have so many breeds they could not keep them a part and let them mix and they thought of a way to make money from there mistake we know they have always give nick names like TEACUP _POCKET SIZE_ MINI to the runts of there litter to make a lot of money so these made up name sound just like the others make up names used for a mix breed

Answers Answered By: chihuahuamom [ Grey Star Level]

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