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Dogs best for kids that are under 35 pounds?




We are looking for a dog that is great with kids. But we live in an appartment that doesn’t allow dogs over 35 lbs at thier adult weight…

Best answer:

Answer by Bailey
a yorkie-poo

a havanese

or a corgi

Answer by Doreen A
Labradors, they are very gentle.

Answer by tomkat1528
cockapoo – mixed breeds are usually very friendly and half the upkeep of a ‘purebred’ like a Malteese, etc

the two cockapoos I had were great!

cross between cocker spaniel and poodle

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Answer #1

my labrador is 34.75 pounds and is and adult now at 2 years old. labradors are fantastic with kids, i’ve got 2 kids aged 7 & 11 and they love him to bits!

Answers Answered By: elle [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

Lhasa Apso is a great breed with children. It is a cousin of the Shitzu. Very smart and cuddly, sleeps in bed with my son. My 10 year old female is only 11 lbs. I would not recommend getting a male, as they can be more aggressive and unpredictable.

Answers Answered By: JustMe [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

Well thats a shame b/c big 70-80lbs dogs are usually the freindliest. I wouldnot get a pitbull b/c they are tempermental. Ok lets see, there are toy poodles, which are about 20lbs, or here.
this is a website that tells several different breeds there weight and size and most of all temperment. I would recommened a border line collie, they arn’t 2 big, they are freindly and beautiful…good luck.

Answers Answered By: agold_12 [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #4

To be honest, I have found the great American Mutt to be the best family breed of all time. Contact a local animal shelter or Dog Rescue and adopt.

I have 4 children my Wife has 3 and we have 2 dogs (American Mutts)

Answers Answered By: EGOman [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #5

A Jack Russell lovely dogs and very play full.

Answers Answered By: DARREN W [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #6

There are tons of different breeds that are great with children. Try checking out your local Dog Pound or Humane Society. They always have alot of dogs to choose from, large dogs, small dogs, short fur, long fur, puppies, and older dogs, but they all really need good loving homes. Please consider adopting a dog in need of a home. Dogs that are a yr. old or older sometimes are already housebroken, need less vaccines and just need loving homes as much as cute little puppies. Your children can go with you to help pick out your new dog. Some Dog Pounds/ Shelters do safer testing on dogs before they adopt them out so you can find out how gentle the dog is. Good Luck in making your choice!

Answers Answered By: Angie C [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #7

Without a doubt I would have to say a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We have one and he’s only 25 lbs and thats big for his breed. They are excellent dogs overall, willing to play with the kids or just hang out. The only drawback I have seen is the fact that they are such a people dog that they need people around them a majority of the time. Hope this helps!

Answers Answered By: macdoyal [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #8

I have a cocker spaniel, he weighs about 40 pounds but he is overweight. They are so lovable and cute, he is very gentle with kids as well.

Answers Answered By: lesley s [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #9

Pugs are the perfect size and are great with kids. They are so funny and not easily hurt if you trip on them or if kids wrestle with them. They do however have a few medical issues with their eyes and their respiratory tract so look more into the breed before getting one. You need to see if it’s temperment, needs and personality match your family’s lifestyle…. that’s the most important thing to consider.

The Corgi suggestion is great (they are awesome dogs), but I don’t think they would stay under the 35 llb limit.

Answers Answered By: mutherwulf [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #10

A pug. They’re not fragile so they’re good with kids and they don’t get very big.

Cocker spaniels can be nice but they tend to attach themselves to one person in the family and won’t let anyone near them. You have to be very careful that doesn’t happen.

They can be very nippy and my sister’s vet even told her that in his whole career he had only been bit twice by dogs, both times by cocker spaniels that were around 4 years old. He said that out of all dog breeds they bite the most often, even though it isn’t the most severe (so it goes unreported and their reputation is clean).

She ended up having to bring hers to a rescue organization because it jumped up and bit her son in the face for no reason. He knew to be cautious around her because she had a history of biting people, including my husband, on both of his hands when he was going to tie her outside for a pee (it was raining and she didn’t want to get wet).

Answers Answered By: tee_89 [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #11

Beagles are great dogs for children. Very tolerant and playful and with proper care do great in a family environment.

Answers Answered By: Meg [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #12

get a dauchsund.. we breed them and you can’t love a wienie more than you can love seeing them with your children! they are full of excitement and never mean!

Answers Answered By: kahnechick87 [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #13

We have two pug dogs, who are awesome with kids of all ages. They do tend to have problems with their eyes and breathe funny, but they are very good dogs and are actually kind of funny. Or you could go to a library and check out a book about dogs, and learn about the diffferent breeds and pick one thats right for you!!

Answers Answered By: lauren [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #14

Mini dachshund (weener dog.) They are good with kids and very cute and under 35 pounds.

Answers Answered By: person [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #15

A beagle or a mutt. :)

Answers Answered By: ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ [ Grey Star Level]

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