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List of dog breeds insurance wont cover?




Most rentals have a list of dog breeds you cant have because insurance wont cover certain breeds that are bite prone. Anyone know how I can find this list?

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Answer by paintedrain2
Every insurance company has their definition of a high-risk dog so check with the company first to see if there will be a problem with the breed you decide to choose. In general, common high-risk breeds are Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pincers, and Pit Bulls.

Answer by funnyman_46750
A lot of insurance companies will not cover Chows,Pitt Bulls, Rots,Dobermans. The easiest way to find out is to call your Insurance company and ask. Better to be safe than sorry.

Answer by Bianca
it’s up to each individual insurance company so you’d need to call them and ask. Whats on one list at one company may not be on another.

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Answer #1

You have to contact the individual insurance companies, but most will not insure homes with Rottweilers, Dobermans, Pits, German Shepherds, and American Bulldogs. The list will be larger or smaller depending on the company.

Answers Answered By: iluvmyfrenchbulldogs [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

I know chows, rottweilers and dobermen are a big no-no for most companies but I’m sure it varries form place to place.

Answers Answered By: lady.ceridwen [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

when i spoke to our local statefarm insurance person, he said that they didnt care what type of dog we have.

and then another place said that if we had:
rott, pit bull, gsd, chow, or db. they would not insure us. no matter how nice the dog was.

might wanna check your local county or state you live in also for the diff types of insurance you may need if you have such breeds.

Answers Answered By: hydez2002 [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #4

Are you looking for a list of dog breeds that insurance companies won’t cover for liability insurance, or a list of dog breeds that rental companies won’t allow you to have on their property (their reason being insurance or otherwise)?

I’m asking because those are two very different things.

When it comes to rental companies, they each have their own policies regarding breeds they do and do not allow. Some companies have no breed restrictions. The ones that do have breed restrictions on their properties also vary greatly.

The property where I live right now, for example, does not allow Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers and Dobermanns, but *does* allow German Shepherds and any other kind of dog, with no weight / size restriction. The same company’s property in Florida does not allow German Shepherds.

If you’re worried about a rental company accepting or not accepting your dog, look at the website for the property you’re thinking of renting at, or call them and ask for a list of banned breeds.

Insurance companies’ policies also vary widely. They vary by company and often also by location. Some companies that will insure my German Shepherd in Virginia will not insure her in some of the other states.

A lot of the time, you’re well off with a local insurance agent. State Farm, for example. Our local State Farm agent will insure any breed of dog under your rental or homeowners policy, as long as he gets to meet the dog and the dog does not appear aggressive during that meeting (and has no bite record, obviously).

Call your renters or homeowners insurance and ask about their policy regarding the breed of dog you have, and they will be able to tell you whether they will insure the dog and for how much.

Answers Answered By: abby_k9 [ Grey Star Level]

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