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the best dog for kids with down syndrome?




i love dogs, i always had one, im trying to find the best one for my family, especially for my 11 month old girl with down syndrome (and i have an other 3 years old daughter), we have a big house and back yard, but im looking for medium to small size, and with no hair or health problems, due my down syndrome baby i need a dog who is patient, and very very good with kids, im also trying to decide when is the best time, now that she is a baby or wait a couple more .

thank you for your opinion!

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Answer by Kat Lance
Hi I recommend a King Charles cavalier as for lapdogs have a very good temperament and prefer to be hugged and loved than thrown a ball . They are very gentle as I have one and she just licks people!
But yes , If you live near Bristol or Down south I highly think you should try out the website gumtree as there are some keen breeders around there.

Answer by doglove70
I’d reccomend waiting AT LEAST until your daughters are older than four or five, and getting an adult dog greater than 40 pounds from a private rescue organization (a favorite of mine specifically pulls older dogs that were once family pets to make looking for a kid-friendly, calm dog easier).

Answer by Claudia Shapiro
Big dogs do best.
Newfoundlands have been proved to be the BEST dog with kids.
Golden retrievers are always used as therapy dogs, so you should also get one.
Saint Bernards are also good.
Think big.
Small dogs are just scared at babies and kids or aggressive towards them.


this website talks about all breeds. Try searching up good breeds for kids.

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I would wait until your 11 month old girl was 3 or 4. We have 2 shih tzus. They are wonderful with children. I have a friend who has a 14 month old daughter, and they are so good with her. They are hypoallergenic. I believe mostly every breed has some health problems though. Good luck with your decision.

Answers Answered By: sumlulu [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

As someone else mentioned, I would wait until your daughter is at least 5 years old.

That being said, most toy/smaller breeds don’t do well with smaller children, special needs children, etc… as they are more fragile (more prone to broken bones and other injuries). Also, some smaller breeds are not quite as patient as medium to large breeds. Not to mention, a LOT of the smaller breeds are known to be difficult to house break, etc…

I also wouldn’t recommend labs, as they can hold their puppy personality (including chewing, jumping up, etc…) well past the puppy age. For your situation, aside from waiting until she’s older, I would recommend these breeds:
Golden Retriever
Great Pyrenees (although these dogs are known for roaming, so a fenced in yard is recommended)

I know those are all larger breeds, but I really would recommend them for children, as they are about the most gentle I can think of. If you’re a more experienced dog owner, and have time for training, discipline, socialization, etc… I recommend the American Pit Bull Terrier. Despite the bad image the media and irresponsible owners have created, they are AMAZING with children with correct training, socialization and the right owner, and so long as you find one with good breeding. The American Staffordshire Terrier is also good with kids so long as they are raised and trained properly. The Doberman can also be amazing with children if raised properly. These are powerful breeds though, and require a good amount of exercise, along with a good amount of training, discipline, etc… They’re not easy breeds, but they’re worth it in the end, in my opinion.

I know you weren’t looking for larger breed recommendations, but I really can’t think of too many smaller breeds I can think of to recommend, and I apologize for that.

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