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What are the best dog treats to get for small dogs such as chihuahuas?




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Answer by somanyquestions
Pop rocks?

Answer by fo_bit4540
They have dog treats that are shaped lik little dog bones about 15 cenitmeters that would probably be good.

Answer by illustrat_ed_designs
for training, bits of hot dog work pretty well. For all around treats, try snausages, those are usually small and chemy enough for a small dog like a chihuahua.

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Answer #1

Have you tried some of the small training treats. Petsmart sells one that is a Petsmart exclusive, they are nice and tiny, Chihuahua sized

Answers Answered By: OKA [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

I get my little pekepoo “greenies”. They aid in keeping teeth clean and help bad breath and, when you have a lap dog, you need one with fresh breath.

Answers Answered By: PuttPutt [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

we give our chichuaua meaty bones. just break the mediums in half..or i think they have small size too.

Answers Answered By: mommy2savannah51405 [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #4

Snausages (cut them up or it’s enough at one time to give them an upset tummy), small chunks of Beggin’ Strips or Jerky Treats, or any dry/crunchy treat broken up into little pieces. Whatever your doggie likes.

Or if you want to give them healthier treats, try bits of carrots, broccoli, celery, etc… or you can make your own dog treats (for small dogs these will last a long time) from recipes that you can find by searching Google for dog treat recipes.

Answers Answered By: dogmelissa [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #5

A lot of dogs really like Charlee Bears’ treats–they look like little oyster crackers, but are a good size for training and for use with small dogs. Plus they don’t have very many calories! I use Innova’s EVO treats with my dogs and they love them! They’re small enough for my mini dachshund to handle easily and are very healthy. The original Milkbone training treats (the ones with the Westie on the box) are a hit with my friend’s shih tzu–they’re a smaller size and have marrow filling. For chewing I recommend Dingos–they come in a smaller size and the dogs love them! They’re jerky with rawhide wrapped around it. Greenies have come under bad press, but greenies little bits might be a good size for your dog. They’re basically crushed-up greenies, and were my toothless foster Pomeranian’s favorite treat. Try visiting a few specialty pet stores in your area–I know at ours they’re willing to try out various treats with your dog to see which one he/she likes the best!

Answers Answered By: pianoducky [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #6

C.E.T. pet chews you can only get them a vets office ask your vet if he carries them…….any thing eles is JUSTnot good for them! I think they come in a small size forur dog

Answers Answered By: kamster68 [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #7

There are two types of treats, generally speaking….moist and dry. Great dry treats are low in calories, such as the charlie bear treats (which look like goldfish crackers), and dogs love them. You can also get a great moist treat called natural balance, which is actually marketed as a food or as treats. It comes in a big log like a sausage, and you can cut it up any size you want. Dogs absolutely love them, and they are great for training.

Answers Answered By: ferraroj1214 [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #8

my dog is half chawawa n she is very small. she likes the small buiskets. try those?

Answers Answered By: jamie [ Grey Star Level]

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