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Good online free good quality horse games?




I’m looking for some good online free good quality horse games where you can ride/brush/do tasks or anything really:) i’m bored ill ahha

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Answer by Honeyshucks
Howrse :}

Answer by Myta
there’s a ton of them. My current favorite is A Virtual Horse http://www.avirtualhorse.com/ horses are born with generated pictures, so you can breed for color as well as points. They’ve got over 40 colors, each can have a variety of markings and patterns including 4 different appaloosa patterns, and 10 or more pinto markings. This gives you different goals you can aim for, as the standard horse sim you type in the color, and if it is inherited, there are only 5 different pictures or so, one for each base color, on AVH you can really breed for color, and horses with “rare” colors will sell for more.

There is also Horse Phenomena
Horse Mogul
Equinium should be opening soon

Answer by Catherine
I agree with Honeyshucks-Howrse is the best!

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howrse is so much fun:)

Answers Answered By: Horse_lover97 [ Grey Star Level]
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A virtual horse sucks……

Answers Answered By: Morgan Badley [ Grey Star Level]

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