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What are some good hamster information websites?




I need some good hamster information so i can convince my parents to let me get a few to breed!!!! can you give me some tips how to convince them, some facts, and some websites? Thanx for all of you who have helped me!

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Answer by Christ4all
Convincing them, i have no clue on how to help you with that, but I know a really good website that I found out about recently. It’s this:


It will have a LOT of stuff to read. When I read it, I just took some time out of each day and read a few sections from a chapter. You can read the important chapters on the hamster menu (ABOUT HAMSTERS, BUYING A HAMSTER, and BREEDING HAMSTERS).

The most important chapter probably would be CARING FOR HAMSTERS.The hamster health section of that chapter lists most of the common illnesses of hamsters with solutions.
Look at the top of each of the chapters mentioned and look into all the blue typed sections.

When you stated “let me get a few to breed them”, do you really mean breed Male and Female? That sounds complicated, but the website will help you. Just remember,
Of course there are other websites, but this one seems very helpful.
Sorry if I wrote a lot!

Good luck with your hamster(s) if you can convince your parents!

Answer by Different Indifference
I am not sure the you can convince them you should breed hamsters. You are doing the right thing first, trying to learn all you can about hamsters and breeding them. Email me if you have further questions after doing your research.

Answer by Hamster-club.com
These are the best



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