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What are the best types of hamsters to get for little kids?




Also, I would want 2 of them so any hamsters that would be good in pairs would be a great add to the answer (No boys and girls together, tho). Thanks much!!

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Answer by HuskyNoof
I would reccommend a Teddy bear hamster pair. They are very nice and like to be held. I would not go for any type of dwarf though, they do not like to be held and are notorious biters, this includes Siberian Dwarfs, Chinese Dwarfs etc. Black bear hamsters are also very friendly, but they are more costly than teddy bears.

Answer by paintedrain2
Technically, hamsters are not best kept in pairs….they’re solitary, and as they get sexually mature, may get aggressive with each other. Have you considered rats or gerbils, since they are suggested to be paired together?

Anyways, if you’re set on the idea of a hamster, the Syrians are the best, such as the Golden, Teddy, Black Bear, etc.

Answer by A***n G
teddy bear hamster

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Stuffed and mounted.

Answers Answered By: Slim [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

more than one hamster doesn’t like to life together, they can start getting agressive and kill each other. so, 1 PER CAGE

then best type of hamster i had was a black bear hamster, i had a dwarf and it bit you so hard you bleed. Anyway Black bear hamsters are known for being good and NOT agressive. [as long as you don't put more than one together ]So i would get a male black bear hamster for sure

I had mine for 4 years, i got so attached and it was sad when it passed away.. kind of silly b/c it was a hamster. But you do get really attached to them.

Answers Answered By: ♥ITSmee♥ [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

don’t ever put 2 in same cage same cage, they will fight no matter what breed or sex. and Syrian or black bear r the easiest to hold and pet but read up 1st on how to tame them, then should be fine, remember they sleep during the day so 4 a child they wont see them that much as hamster are up during the night. gerbils can be kept in pairs and u can tame them just takes longer as they are fast runners so hard to hold on to

Answers Answered By: vic [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #4

My friend works at petsmart and she said that a chinese dwarf hamster is the nicest hamster and it is cuddly and is well with other hamsters!

Answers Answered By: Hayleigh O [ Grey Star Level]

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